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How Simcenter 3D can contribute to the efficient Electromagnetic engineering of complex platforms

The design and optimization of the electromagnetic performance of real life complex platforms such as aircraft, spacecraft, UAVs, ships, and cars is not simply a matter of solving Maxwell’s equations with an efficient CAE tool. It’s a process guided by experience, best practise and knowledge of the problem requiring a perfect synergy between modelling and measurements.

Simcenter 3D, the leading multi-physics engineering platform for 3D simulation by SIEMENS PLM Software, adds significant value to the Electromagnetics engineering process. Electromagnetic engineers dealing with complex EM problems need particular functions to efficiently prepare a CAD geometry for an electromagnetic simulation application.

Simcenter 3D embeds a range of exactly these capabilities. Coupling these capabilities with the renowned “Galileo” CAE capabilities developed through the lengthy IDS experience in electromagnetic engineering and physical testing competences, results in highly efficient workflows, super-fast solutions and provides the required fidelity of simulations.

Galileo CAE simulation results have not to be considered as the “absolute truth”. Indeed, measurements have to be properly performed and data have to be processed to extract useful performance figures for engineering purposes, hence simulation tool results also have to be validated in this type of ecosystem.

This workshop will present the IDS approach to electromagnetic engineering with GALILEO and Simcenter 3D using a wide range of industrial application examples.

The Workshop will be held by IDS and Siemens PLM senior engineers, and will show the new CAE product capabilities and provide a wide range of cases/examples of electromagnetic engineering applied to industrial applications.

The program will include a live demo of EM CAE SW technologies by IDS

The Workshop will be closed by a Q&A session with IDS and Siemens PLM presenters responding to participants’ questions.



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12 February 2018
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