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5G testbeds, measurements, opportunities, challenges, and standardisation


Tian Hong Loh, National Physical Laboratory, UK



The next generation (5G) network won’t just deliver much faster connection and higher data capacity. It also promises to provide reliable connectivity, low energy consumption, and connecting billions of people and trillions of things. The definition of the 5G is in progress and anticipates the need to extend the operating frequencies to support a significantly increased user density to meet its promises. This workshop will bring together technical experts and researchers to discuss, share experiences, and advance the state-of-the-art in all aspects of 5G systems prototyping, evaluation, testing, use cases, challenges and standardisation.



The Workshop is planned to be a half day event (i.e. 3 hours 40 mins) containing 7 slots for 25-min invited talks (each 25-min slot includes Q&A). The talks will cover the following topics:

1.     Opening presentation by organizers (5 mins)
2.     Four (4) invited presentations (1 hour 40 mins)
3.     Break (15 mins)
4.     Three (3) invited presentations (1 hour 15 mins)
5.     Panel discussion with invited speakers as panellists, moderated by organizers (25 mins)



List of confirmed invited speakers and their talks:

Section I (four invited presentations) – ‘5G testbeds and measurements’:

1.     Stuart Revell, 5G Innovation Centre (UK), UK’s activities on 5G & IoT test bed and trials
2.     Koen Buisman and Tian Hong Loh, Chalmers (Sweden) and NPL (UK), mm-wave MIMO Testbeds for 5G Communications Metrology
3.     Kate Remley and Maria Becker, National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA), Bringing Precision to 5G Test: Activities in the U.S.
4.     Yang Yang and Wuxiong Zhang, Chinese Academy of Science (China), Parallel Channel Sounder for MIMO Communications


Section II (three invited presentations) – ‘5G opportunities, challenges, and standardisation’:

1.     Michael Fitch, British Telecommunications plc., 5G use-cases that show promise
2.     Michael Foegelle, ETS-Lindgren Inc., RF Measurement Challenges for Emerging 5G and Millimeter Wave Devices
3.     Moray Rumney, Keysight Technologies (UK), Recent progress on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) system standards for 5G Communications

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Important Deadlines
12 February 2018
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