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Antenna Placement and Coupling

Antennas are virtually everywhere. From commercial applications such as smartphones, RFID tags, and wireless printers, to defense applications or automotive applications, to provide integrated ground based communication systems.

ANSYS HFSS excels at a wide variety of high frequency, full-wave, electromagnetic applications including antenna design and placement since it uses multiple advanced solver techniques to simulate not just the antenna but also the effects of its interaction with the entire system, including the feeding system as well as the platform.

ANSYS HFSS allows the interaction between different technology solvers, going from the single electronics components to full antenna platform scenario. Insights on the implemented methods and their correlation are today highly valuable information in optimizing industrial design flows and to be also exploited for scientific/academic investigation for new throughput and innovating technologies.


Oberdan Donadio is Senior Electronics HF Engineer for ANSYS Customer Excellence. He graduated in Telecommunications Engineering at the University “Federico II”, Naples, Italy. He achieved his PhD in Electronics and Electrical Engineering focusing on MMW Applications at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

His interests cover antennas, propagation, Integrated Circuits and High speed analysis including EMC and Signal Integrity.

Oberdan has 13 years experience with full ANSYS Electronics products portfolio and lately he has been involved in Automotive, Aerospace and Defense projects.

Antenna Modeling (Component Modeling)

Analysis of side view mirror antenna module using the finite element solver in HFSS.

Antenna Integration

Integration of antenna model onto electrically large platform, Far field pattern analysis and mantenna-to-antenna coupling using ANSYS Electronics Desktop.

Antenna Performance

Evaluate antenna on vehicle performance in a real world scenario.

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