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Call for Convened Sessions

Convened session guidelines

Proposals can be submitted starting on May 18, 2020. The proposal including a mandatory provisional list of authors must be submitted no later than the deadline (June 18, 2020) using the template available at the conference web site. Notification of acceptance is to be sent on July 3, 2020.

Proposers are expected to chair their Convened Session.


Proposers should try to meet one or more of the following criteria to increase the chance of the session being accepted:

  • Balance between EU and non-EU contributions
  • Significant participation of industry, especially in application/industry oriented sessions
  • Dedicated sessions will be favourably considered if they are appropriately defined, e.g. with a regional/application focus such as: “State of the art in mobile antenna research in continent X”, or centred on an aspect of a relevant technology, such as: “Industrialisation aspects of metamaterial-based antennas”. However, be aware that a scientific/industry workshop may be a better forum in some cases.

Rules for proposers

Convened sessions must be an open forum. To that aim, conveners should refrain from having too many papers from their environment. The rules below should be seen as providing absolute maxima, not targets:   

(a) 5/6 paper sessions: max. 1 Paper from each convener and max. 2 papers from the convener’s institutions leaving a minimum of 3/4 papers from authors outside the institutions of the two conveners

(b) 10/12 paper sessions: max. 2 papers from each convener (max. of 1 to be for each convener as presenter) and a maximum 4 papers in total for the two convener’s institutions (flexibly distributed among the two convener’s institutions) leaving a minimum of 6/8 papers for authors from outside the convener’s institutions

Conveners may solicit one “overview” paper for a 5-paper session or two for a full 10-paper session. Such papers need not necessarily contain new results, and their quality will mainly be evaluated on the proper coverage of the topic (e.g. not only work from the author’s institution but also that from the general scientific community). Such papers should be reserved for authors having the proper background and recognition to achieve an authoritative overview. It is stressed that this is a possibility but by no means an obligation. All remaining papers must present novel scientific content and are subject to a peer review process.  

In addition, the proposers must be aware that the session may be cancelled if the number of accepted papers is too low.

When soliciting authors, please avoid confusion with EuCAP “invited papers”. In addition, convened speakers and conveners should be informed that they will need to register for the conference at the EuCAP 2021 website.

Convened Poster Sessions: As already foreseen at EuCAP 2020, we are considering to offer some convened sessions as a special poster format with short oral teasers at the beginning of the session. Please indicate, whether you are interested in organizing your convened session as poster format, if offered.

Paper Submission
All papers must be submitted by October 16, 2020 and should conform to the same specifications as regular papers. The authors cannot be changed after submission and in case of “no show” the paper will not be proposed for inclusion in the IEEE-Xplore digital library.

Download form

Please complete and submit by June 18, 2020 in PDF format to for evaluation by the Convened Session Chairs. 

Selection criteria

The selection process of convened sessions will be based on a set of criteria:

  • Experience and International recognition of  the conveners and solicited authors
  • Topic of the session, taking into account the scientific content, the topical character, the level of expected audience, and potential overlap with competing proposals
  • Adherence to the above guidelines
  • Quality with respect to competing proposals

The selection criteria and other constraints may mean a proposal is rejected despite its value and the reputation of the conveners. A 10-paper proposal may need to be changed into a 5-paper proposal, to be accepted.

 Review Process

We expect, that contributions submitted to convened sessions are of high quality. Convened session papers will go through strictly the same peer review process as the one implemented for regular papers.

One of the conveners must act as a meta-reviewer for the papers related to his/her session and will be invited through EDAS. The convener acting as the meta-reviewer must be specified in the proposal. In case this convener does not receive the EDAS invitation by November 10, 2020, please contact the Convened Session Chairs at .

Please note that for EuCAP 2021, and to ensure the same quality control as regular papers (including plagiarism and self-plagiarism), convened session papers will be meta reviewed by one of the conveners (except for the conveners’ own papers and conveners’ institutions’ papers), as well as another meta reviewer.



EUCAP 2021 Log in

Important Deadline

EuCAP2021 Paper Submissions

16 October 2020

There will be no extension !


October 08,2020 : TICRA Foundation and EurAAP announce 8 grant opportunities at EuCAP 2021

TICRA Foundation and EurAAP are pleased to announce that they will offer 8 grants for EuCAP 2021 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The grants will be announced during the conference dinner on Thursday 25 March 2021.

Each grant consists of a full registration fee, the conference dinner fee, as well as EUR 700 or EUR 1,000 for travel and accommodation depending on the awardee’s country of residence.

For more information see

September 11, 2020 : New Copyright Form available

August 24, 2020: EurAAP has now received all the information on which measures related to the COVID 19-pandemic have to be taken in order to run a conference at the Congress Center Düsseldorf. Based on this information we are now taking care that these measures will be included in the preparation of EuCAP 2021 to protect your safety & health on-site.

July 17,  2020 : Call for Short Courses issued

July 17,  2020 : Call for Workshop issued

July 6, 2020 : Call for Papers issued

June 29, 2020 : Virtual Flag Ceremony

May 29, 2020 : The EuCAP 2021 Live Presentation will take place via WebexEvent on 5 June 2020 from 11.30-12.15.

May 18, 2020 : First Announcement issued

May 18, 2020 : Call for Convened Sessions published

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