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List of accepted Convened Sessions


Code Title
CS01 Active Antennas for Onboard Space Applications
CS02 Advanced Antenna Arrays for 5G and Beyond
CS03 Advanced Radar Measurements, Modelling and System Solutions for Vehicular Applications
CS04 Advances in Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing; Novel Materials and Metamaterial Structures
CS05 AMTA Session: Automotive Antenna Measurements and Testing
CS06 AMTA/IRACON Session: Over-The-Air Testing of 5G Radios
CS07 AMTA/EurAAP Session: Post Processing Techniques in Antenna Measurements
CS08 Analysis, Design and Use of Microwave Techniques, Models, Systems, and Antennas for Snowpack Avalanches Monitoring
CS09 Analytical and Numerical Methods for Metasurface Analysis and Design
CS10 Antenna Array and Integrated Systems for 5G Communication Applications
CS11 Antenna Design and Fundamental Bounds with External Constraints
CS12 Antenna Designs of Beyond 5G Communications for Mobile Stations and Devices
CS13 Antenna Systems for 5G Communication
CS14 Antennas for Harsh Environment
CS15 Antennas for Radio Astronomy
CS16 Antennas in IoT Wireless Devices: Modelling and Industrial Considerations
CS17 Antennas with Multi-Port/Distributed Feeding and On-Antenna Power-Combining for Efficient Integration and Reconfigurability
CS18 Applications of mm-Wave Gap Waveguide Technology-I
CS19 Applications of mm-Wave Gap Waveguide Technology-II
CS20 Assessment and Modeling of Antennas and Radio Channels Jointly
CS21 Challanges in Leaky Wave Antennas and Novel Approaches to Solve Them
CS22 Channel Modelling for Massive MIMO and Near-Field Communication Systems
CS23 Circuit and System Design for Simultaneous Wireless Power and Data Transfer
CS24 Controlling EM Waves with Low- and High-Dimensional Metamaterials
CS25 Convergence of Mobile Radio and Radar
CS26 Education in Electromagnetics, Antennas, and Microwaves
CS27 Electromagnetics in MRI Applications
CS28 EuMA/EurAAP Session: From Radiating Section to Digital Interface - Research and Design Trends for an End-To-End Approach of Highly Integrated Active Antenna Systems
CS29 Exotic Antennas from Nano to Macro Scales
CS30 Fundamental Challenges and Novel Methodologies in the Next-Generation Computational Electromagnetics
CS31 GNSS Antennas and Systems for Challenged RF Environment
CS32 High-Frequency Methods and Applications
CS33 IET Session: New Antenna Systems Involving Application of Metamaterials and Metasurfaces
CS34 IET/AMTA Session: Test and Measurement Challenges for 5G and Beyond
CS35 IET/IRACON Session: Propagation Measurements and Modelling for 5G and Beyond
CS36 Innovative Lens Antennas for Future Communication Systems
CS37 IRACON Spectrum Sharing: Challenges and Opportunities for 5G and Beyond.
CS38 ISAP Session: Recent Advances in Asian Antennas and Propagation Research
CS39 Machine Learning in Antennas
CS40 Machine Learning in Radio Propagation
CS41 Metasurfaces for Mobile (5G and Beyond) and Satellite Communication Systems
CS42 Nano and Quantum Antennas
CS43 Near- and Far-Field Wireless Power Transfer
CS44 Near-Field Focusing and Pulse Generation Through Localized Waves
CS45 New Perspectives and Applications of Characteristic Mode Analysis in Antenna Design
CS46 New Trends in Leaky Wave Antennas
CS47 Non-Magnetic Nonreciprocity
CS48 Novel Antenna Measurement Data Analysis and Techniques
CS49 Novel Techquines for Beam Manlipulation at Millimeter and Terahertz Waves
CS50 Novel Wave Phenomena in Metamaterials and Metasurfaces Applied to Antennas and Propagation
CS51 Plasma Antennas
CS52 Point of Care Microwave Sensors
CS53 Propagation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
CS54 Real-Time Electromagnetic Inversion: Solutions and Trends
CS55 Recent Advances in Terahertz Antennas for Radio-Astronomy and Space Exploration
CS56 Recent Advances on Electronically Steerable Antenna Arrays at mm-Wave Frequencies
CS57 Recent Research on Wind Turbines: EM Modelling and Measurements
CS58 Reconfigurable Antennas for Compact Devices
CS59 Reconfigurable Reflectarray and Transmitarrays
CS60 Sensors and Systems for Microwave Biomedical Imaging and Sensing
CS61 Signal Processing Techniques for Advanced Electromagnetics Synthesis, Analysis, and Measurements
CS62 Small Antenna in a Human Body Environment
CS63 State of the Art in Antenna Research in Russia
CS64 Trends and Advances in Machine Learning for Applied Electromagnetics
CS65 UAV-Based Antenna Measurements
CS66 Unconventional Techniques and Applications for Inverse Scattering Problems
CS67 Water-Based Microwave Devices
Important Deadlines

Deadline: 18 October 2019
Notification: 11 December 2019
Revised Paper: 17 January 2020
Author registration: 17 January 2020

Countdown to Exact Deadline


There will be no extension of the paper submission deadline; late or updated submissions will not be accommodated after the deadline.

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