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List of Confirmed Convened Sessions


Code Title
CS01 Advanced RFID Systems and Methods for IoT and Smart Industry
CS02 Advancements and Challenges on Measurement Techniques for 5G and Beyond (IET Convened Session)
CS03 Advances in Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing; Novel Materials & Metamaterial Structures
CS04 Airborne SATCOM on the Move. SOTM
CS05 AMTA Convened Session: Automotive Performance Testing for Connected and Automated Driving in Simulated Real-World Environments
CS06 AMTA Convened Session: Recent Advances in Test Chamber and Range Modeling, Design, Echo Reduction and Characterizations
CS07 AMTA Convened Session: UAV-based Antenna and Field Measurements
CS08 AMTA Post Processing Techniques in Antenna Measurements
CS09 Antenna and Beamforming Technology for 5G and Beyond
CS10 Antenna Systems for Wireless Power Transmission and RF Energy Harvesting
CS11 Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Power Transfer & Harvesting in Space
CS12 Antennas for Radio Astronomy
CS13 Antennas in severe environments for space and defense applications
CS14 Artificial Intelligence for Antennas and Propagation: Current Trends and Emerging Applications
CS15 Assessment and modeling of antennas and radio channels jointly with increasing complexity/variability
CS16 Biomedical Microwave Techniques and Devices: from Diagnosis to Treatment
CS17 Challenges and Solutions of Radio Frequency Testing for advanced 5G Radio Systems
CS18 COST CA18223 (SyMat): Applications of artificial materials with higher symmetries
CS19 COST Session CA18223 (SyMat): Theory and Modeling of Higher Symmetries
CS20 Disruptive Antenna Technologies Making 5G a Reality
CS21 Enhanced Capabilities of Characteristic Mode Analysis for Novel Applications
CS22 EuMA-EurAAP joint session: Towards a Smart EM Environment – Network and Hardware perspectives
CS23 Fundamental challenges and novel methodologies in the next-generation computational electromagnetics
CS24 Future trends in reflectarray synthesis and analysis for communications and sensing
CS25 IET/IRACON Propagation measurements and modelling for 5G and beyond
CS26 ISAP session: Recent Advances in Asian Antennas and Propagation Research
CS27 Metasurfaces and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces to Tailor Radio Propagation: Modeling, Applications, Prospect
CS28 Microwave/millimeter-wave imaging towards real-time medical applications
CS29 MIMO Antennas for 5G applications
CS30 Modeling, analysis and design methods for antennas in IoT applications
CS31 New Antenna Systems involving Application of Metamaterials and Metasurfaces
CS32 New trends in small antennas
CS33 Novel Antenna Measurement Techniques and Data Analysis
CS34 Passive beamforming networks for multi-beam antennas
CS35 Preclinical and clinical results of medical microwave imaging systems
CS36 Progress in sub-THz and THz channel characterization
CS37 Propagation of Smart Mobility empowered by 5G and Beyond
CS38 Quantum Electromagnetics - From Photonics to Quantum Computing
CS39 Radar Imaging through Obscuring Layers
CS40 Recent Advances on Propagation Research and Its Impact on Localizations
CS41 Space-fed antenna systems for SATCOM and high-performance communication systems
CS42 Towards-6G Joint Communication and Sensing in Radio Propagation Perspectives
CS43 Unconventional techniques and applications for Inverse scattering problems


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