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Visa Information

Short stay visas
A Schengen visa is issued for the purpose of a short stay (less than 3 months) in Denmark and other Schengen countries. A short stay visa does not allow you to work in Denmark.

As a rule short stay visas issued by Danish missions abroad are valid for the entire Schengen region. Most EU countries, but not all, are part of Schengen, and some countries are part of Schengen but not part of the EU. For a map of Schengen countries please see this EU website about Schengen.

Who needs a visa for Denmark – and what are the requirements? 

Detailed information about the Danish visa rules, including which foreign nationals need visas, can be obtained from the website of the Danish Immigration Service.

Where to file your application 
You may apply for a visa at any visa issuing Danish mission in a country where you are staying legally on a permanent or temporary basis. Please consult the list of “where to apply” .

For certain countries Denmark has entered into an agreement with another Schengen country about the handling of visa applications on behalf of Denmark. As a rule these agreements only cover applications for short stay visas. The representing embassies are included in the list “where to apply”.

Application formalities 
You may apply for a visa at any visa issuing Danish mission provided you are staying legally in the country in question. 

Application forms (a harmonised EU form) may be downloaded from the website of the Danish Immigration Service. The forms may also be obtained from the mission where you wish to file your application. The forms are free of cost. 

On the website of the Danish Immigration Service you will find information about the general requirements for obtaining a visa. Detailed information you will find on the websites of the relevant mission where you intend to lodge your application. 

Processing time
The overwhelming majority of visa applications are processed and decided on by Danish diplomatic missions abroad. These cases will usually be decided within a few days. Some cases, however, may take 15 days. 

Decisions about visa applications must normally be made within 15 days. In some cases applications will require further enquiry. Other applications will take longer time to process because they have been submitted at a third country's diplomatic mission. In these situations, the maximum processing time is 30 days. In some cases further documentation is required. In these cases the processing time can be up to 60 days.  

Application processing time counts from the time an admissible application is submitted at a diplomatic mission. 'Admissible' means that the mission has decided that the Schengen conditions for submitting an application have been met.

Citizens of certain countries or categories of certain citizens are subject to prior consultation in one or more Schengen countries before a visa may be issued. The processing time in these cases will usually be 10-12 days as a minimum.
For further information please consult the website of the Danish Immigration Service.

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